Smart Environments to Improve Public Safety



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The recent outbreak of Norovirus at several Chipotle™ locations highlights the scale of the problem.  

Dígame has partnered with a public health compliance company to develop an IoT-based solution to both monitor and encourage hand-washing compliance with CDC best-practice recommendations.  In a similar way to how a seat belt buzzer helps encourage people to put on their seat belts, the DígaView™ Hygiene Compliance (DHC) solution encourages people to take steps to protect the public.

DígaView™ Hygiene Compliance (DHC)

The DígaView™ Hygiene Compliance solution couples smart sensors, edge logic and networked services for analysis and alerts that help employees comply with public health regulations. With it, you can monitor the hand-washing behavior of employees and guide their behavior towards 100% compliance with CDC recommendations. 

The FDA & CDC recommend a 20 second soap and water wash to remove Transient Pathogens. Studies have shown that only c.a. 7% of people actually follow this protocol, leaving the other 93% of us non-compliant and a potential public health risk.

DHC can help improve compliance by giving employees feedback on how long they should be washing their hands with audible and visual cues. In addition, DHC can give restaurant managers and employees a history of their performance to track improvement.

How it Works

The DígaView™ Hygiene Compliance solution uses smart sensor technology to monitor hand-washing behavior in kitchens.  Intelligent controllers monitor soap dispensers, wash times and other parameters in real time and relay that information to the cloud.  Employees are given instantaneous feedback by the system to guide behavior. The data logged to our cloud server can be used to analyze trends in overall performance and provide a useful record for presentation to health inspectors.  Real time email and SMS (text message) alerts can be issued when protocol is not being followed.

Data shows that use of the DHC system can improve compliance dramatically and that the improvements can be maintained over time as shown below for 3,039 hand-washing sessions: