Environmental Monitoring for Medical Applications


Billions of dollars are lost each year in healthcare due to the mishandling of temperature-sensitive items during transport and storage. In addition to monetary losses, human life is impacted when vaccines or drugs are administered that have reduced efficacy, patients are misdiagnosed when laboratory samples are improperly handled, and drawing of patient samples have to be repeated resulting in increased healthcare costs and delayed results. That’s where DígaView™ Medical Cold Chain with automated hands-free temperature monitoring comes in.

DígaView™ Medical Cold Chain (DMCC)

Dígame teamed with medical professionals in transportation and laboratory verticals to develop DígaView™ Medical Cold Chain (DMCC).  DMCC is an advanced wireless sensor and SaaS solution empowering customers to proactively manage their temperature & humidity sensitive items in real-time. With DMCC customers automate compliance monitoring and reporting activities for temperature sensitive items in storage and transit. And with DígaView™ Predictive Alerts personnel are notified of potential problems and address them BEFORE they happen.

How it Works


  • Place DígaView™certified wireless temperature/humidity sensors in cold storage locations and transport containers.
  • Real-time data is automatically collected and sent real-time to our secure DígaView™ Cloud Monitoring and Analytics platform.
  • View performance data to optimize your operation and download customizable reports.
  • Automated text and email alerts are sent from the DígaView™ Analytics Engine when temperature profile limits are approached or exceeded.