Dígame Systems

What We Do

Dígame Systems (pronounced: "DEE-gah-may") is a software company specializing in the development of IoT solutions.  Our DígaView™ IoT application platform allows companies to quickly create business critical solutions that tie together smart sensors, mobile and cloud technologies giving users real-time visibility into their physical world. Our clients provide the domain expertise.  We deliver the technology to collect, analyze and act upon their information and deliver a rich consumer experience.

Working With Us

Dígame works with leading hardware manufacturers, system integrators and users to deliver IoT solutions that solve real business challenges.   Whether you are developing IoT products to give customers insight and control of their operations with real-time visibility or deploying customer specific solutions, Dígame provides the technology, tools and services to ensure your success.

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The DígaView™ Internet of Things (IoT) Platform

The DígaView™ IoT application platform is device independent allowing you to rapidly build products and deploy solutions that connect smart sensors or whole environments to the cloud. 

DígaView™ IoT has a layered architecture that provides flexibility in product development.  The layers consist of:

  • Data collection services - communicate with and control smart sensors of many types (NFC, RFID, BLE and others)

  • Secure, scalable network storage - built upon AWS cloud services

  • Event processing engines - analyze raw data both at the edge of the network near the sensors and on our servers for higher level business logic with predictive analytics

  • Reporting / alerts engines - provide visualization, proactive alerts via email, SMS and voice as well as dynamic content push for use in applications like mobile marketing

Case Studies