Dígame Systems enables DígaView™ support for WeatherHawk myBlue-T

A SaaS solution for use with WeatherHawk myBlue-T temperature tags

Dígame Systems (pron. "DEE-gah-may") is pleased to announce the release of our DígaView temperature monitoring system for use with WeatherHawk myBlue-T Bluetooth temperature monitoring tags.

DígaView is a complete solution allowing you to: 

  • Monitor temperature in real time
  • Log data to the cloud for analysis and
  • Provide notifications of exceptions to user-configurable temperature limits

DígaView is easy to use.  Simply download our free mobile application for Android, activate your WeatherHawk myBlue-T tag and you are logging data.  For a small monthly fee data can be sent to our secure server where it can be viewed from anywhere, at anytime, from any device with a browser. Included in the monthly fee is the ability to push SMS/email notifications of temperature violations to multiple mobile devices so you can take immediate action when a violation occurs.  

Dígame Systems is currently seeking re-seller partners to share in our recurring revenue model from monthly subscriptions.



DígaView uses Android devices to communicate with WeatherHawk's myBlue-T temperature monitoring tags and collect temperature data. For subscribers, data is sent to our secure server. 



Data on the server can be viewed from anywhere on any device that supports a web browser.  SMS/email notifications of temperature violations can be sent to multiple devices instantaneously, allowing you to take action right away. 

"Dígame!" means "Talk to me!"