DígaView™ (pronounced "DEE-gah-view") is a proactive cloud-based monitoring and analytic solution for sensors that enables users to know how environmentally sensitive items are being treated during storage and transit.  With DígaView™ you will know if the items have been subjected to environmental extremes and even more importantly, with DígaView™ Predictive Alerts you'll be notified of potential problems BEFORE they happen.  Whether you need to monitor temperature, humidity, shock and vibration or other environmental parameters, DígaView™ reliably manages your application.  There’s no need for expensive, proprietary and complex software and readers with high integration and on-going support costs.  Simply add a Dígame certified re-usable wireless sensor with our free Android app and DígaView™ active monitoring service and you are ready to go.

Benefits of the DígaView™ system:

  • Automate environmental data recording
  • Eliminate data entry errors
  • Receive proactive alerts
  • Monitor multiple sensors
  • Automate audit trails & generate compliance reports
  • Remotely monitor field performance
  • Verify product integrity