Dígame Systems (pron: “DEE-gah-may”) is an Internet of Things (IoT) software company specializing in applications that rapidly and cost effectively couple smart sensor, mobile and cloud technologies. Our IoT application platform, DígaView™, tools and services enable our customers to collect smart sensor data, apply edge logic for instantaneous feedback and populate our secure cloud servers with data to provide real-time actionable business intelligence. 

The Vision

Dígame was founded in the heart of Silicon Valley for the sole purpose of solving real world business problems quickly and cost effectively with IoT solutions.  We turn physical objects into conduits of information to gain operational insight, optimize operations and deliver rich consumer experiences. 

The Team

Our team has extensive experience in automation, short range wireless technologies (e.g., RFID, NFC, BlueTooth) and distributed application development. Dígame partners with leading hardware manufacturers to deliver technologies needed to solve tough customer problems. We partner with our customers, using their domain expertise to deliver solutions that are perfectly tuned to their requirements.

The Results

Dígame has developed IoT solutions for a range of application areas including: environmental monitoring / cold chain, interactive environments, product authentication and mobile marketing.

Dígame is a privately held company headquartered in San Jose, California.

"Dígame!" means "Talk to me!"